satinmack2003 :: Mackintoshes,capes.Single texture rubber, Add girdle. Heavenly.

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Location: Minehead, Somerset
United Kingdom: England
Gender: Male
Preference: Girls
Looking for: Partners (Relationship/Sexual)
Age: 79

About me!  

A lifelong, long lived and very healthy so far, rubber mackintosh fan. First mackintoshed embraces from aunts and neighbours. Mackintoshed bosom lover ever since. Then hormones kick in and first mackintosh cuddle with green Valstar then inevitable slippery slope (literally!) and been at it ever since in rubber mackintoshes and capes.
Second girlfriend and a mature seductress kept my mackintosh erection going in black and green mackintoshes and added girdles and stockings to the pleasure. Then my first mackintosh cape, gold satin, worn by a nurse who helped to give gas anaesthetics in the dental chair. Now sex was mackintoshes and red rubber aprons, girdles and stockings.
Have been twice married with mackintoshed partners and other women, some mackintoshed in between. Presently looking for a mature woman with shared interests to enjoy ourselves. Must include rubber mackintoshes, capes, girdles and red rubber aprons. No plastic!
I have an extensive collection of rubber mackintoshes, capes, girdles (especially LLP open crotch),red rubber aprons and red rubber sheets. Willing to travel or entertain at home. Not looking for anyone at present as I have a rubber mackintosh relationship with a very, very lovely lady.
I am 6 ft, 67 kilo, 40"chest,33"waist and 33" inside leg containing a nice circumcised appendage often in rubber knickers. Wanting to keep very sexually mackintoshed and red rubber apronned active and try something new!

Interested in:
Rubber - Natural, Masks - Gas, Gloves, Masks, Breathing Apparatus, Breath Control, Kissing, Sex, Sensory Deprivation, Can Host Others, Licking, Watersports, High Heels, Corsets, Medical Play, Fetish cross-dressing, Strap-ons, Mackintoshes, Rubber Nurse Uniforms, Rubber Rainwear
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Green rubber mackintosh, satin gloves and LLPG
RainGear Red rubber mackintosh.Red LLPG open crotch
Gold satin Dannimac rubber mackintosh. 40DD open crotch
Gold Dannimac mackintosh and orange latex apron. Gas
Red rubber mackintosh, satin gloves and LLPG open
Kingfisher backtofront showing all the fragrant,smooth
red rubbe
Hooded silver satin DM cape. Red rubber sheet.
Red satin Fleet Street. Open crotch LLP, 40DD.
Weather or Not nurses mackintosh cape. Red rubber
The nurse will see you. Mackintosh on please.
Nice mackintosh cape. Nurse will put on red rubber
Rubber apron on. Are you ready for the gas?
Nasal mask and rubber mouth pad to put you under the
New David Marsh red rubber mackintosh. Tightly belted,
Open DM Red rubber mackintosh showing rubber lined slee
DM red rubber open Long leg split crotch panty girdle
Hoode black SBR, under hooded blue polkadot,
Time for the gas in the red rubber mask and gasbag.
Red satin Kingfisher rubber mackintosh, LLP split