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About me!  

I adore the look, sound and smell of rubber and like to dress in skintight latex. The erotic and sensual pleasure I derive from being enclosed and the excitement I experience when seeing others sealed in this wonderful material defines who I am. Without rubber I feel incomplete.

Nowadays I like safe long term full coverage, layering and restriction while controlling and denying aspects of desire including chastity and eventual release. Equally I enjoy being used as a test subject or like simply getting hot and sweaty between latex sheets while kissing and cuddling.

I'm a very loving person who has been passionate about rubber and soft plastic since about the age of seven. My first buzz was seeing divers squeezing into 'smooth skin' wetsuits in Cornwall. At the time suits were unlined so once wet they stuck fast.

Television was full of wet, rubber suited individuals from Hans & Lotte Hass to the entire crew of the submarine Seaview. Jacques Cousteau liked his all male team of Aquanauts to wear skin tight silver wetsuits, even out of the water. Not to mention series like Sea Hunt and The Avengers.

Images included restrictive high altitude pressurised flying gear, bloated inflatable black rubber hazmat suits and silver encapsulated, wonderfully sweaty Gemini astronauts. Little wonder that at the age of sixteen I discovered Atomage and began to buy rubber of a different kind.

Years later after a dive, one of the German team fought to remove his waist entry, skin tight, beaver-tail jacket. As he struggled salt water ran down his gleaming rubber thighs. It was baking hot but no one would help. The men just laughed, pulled up his tight hood and left him to suffer.

I was excited then and have been ever since...

If you have any desires or fantasies, silly question really, I would love to hear them. Nearly all the images show me sealed in tight rubber although several are of extremely willing 'patients' and shown with their permission.

My sincere thanks to those who enjoy my profile. I love latex therapy and medical play or to snuggle together partially or fully dressed in latex or plastic. I do not accommodate but remain dedicated to prolonged enclosure in layers of our favorite material. Please play safely... RT xxx

If you like to copy items, please remember that all material by Rubbertail is protected by international copyright laws all rights reserved. Thank you!

WARNING: Any group, institution, student or professional using this or any site associated with Rubbertail for study or any other purpose must obtain MY express permission in writing. If you duplicate or quote any part of my profile, blogs or stories or reproduce any pictures or videos at any time without this, it will be considered a violation of my privacy and you will be subject to legal action.

Interested in:
Latex, Rubber - Natural, Rubber - Synthetic, Plastic, Neoprene, Wetsuit, Masks - Gas, Drysuit, Gloves, Breathing Apparatus, Breath Control, Kissing, Inflation, Bondage - Light, Bondage - Heavy, Gags, Mummification, Sensory Deprivation, Watersports, Corsets, Medical Play, Suspension, Rubber Dolls, Vacbeds, Body bags, Electro stim, Inflatables, Fetish cross-dressing, Chastity, Hoods - Bondage, Hoods - Inflatable, Hoods - With gags, Rubber Nurse Uniforms, Role Play, Catsuits
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