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Gender: Couple
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Age: 47

About me!  

We are j3s_wendy and grdhog on our individual ID's but we wanted to have a joint account.

We are just your average, run of the mill, pair of multi-faceted fetishists. When the time was right in our lives we found each other, drawn by some of the most powerful needs known.

We enjoy all the properties of rubber and latex, but are especially drawn to total enclosure, serious restraint, and slow delicious torments. As you can see from our interests below, we are not latex and rubber "purists."

If you see us online, say hi. We don't bite... much...more than is required. OK OK thats a fib... I bite. But Wendy doesn't (account of the ball gag.)

Interested in:
Latex, Rubber - Natural, Lycra/Spandex, Tape, PVC/Vinyl, Rubber - Synthetic, Rubber - Industrial, Plastic, Neoprene, Wetsuit, Latex - Liquid, Boots, Masks - Gas, Drysuit, Gloves, Masks, Breathing Apparatus, Uniforms, Breath Control, Body Modification, Shaving, Kissing, Sex, Inflation, Spanking, Whipping, Bondage - Light, Bondage - Heavy, Gags, Mummification, Sensory Deprivation, Am Spoken for, Licking, Watersports, High Heels, Balletboots, Corsets, Medical Play, Ponyplay, Dogplay, Suspension, Rubber Dolls, FelinePlay, Zentai, Vacbeds, Public Rubberism, Body bags, Electro stim, Straight Jackets, Inflatables, Chastity, Hoods - Bondage, Hoods - Inflatable, Hoods - With gags, Leather, Webcam Fun!, Rubber Nurse Uniforms, Lots of make-up!, Smoking, Foot Fetish, Role Play
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gagged and bound
My new Bff and I at going to the Halloween Fetish
Ball-Rogue Master Photography 
My rubber Doll Wendy!Halloween Fetish Ball 2001
Toronto-Rogue Master Photography
Sens Dep hood
my pink hood