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Location: Vancouver,
Gender: Male
Preference: Both!
Looking for: Anyone
Age: 52

About me!  

Are you wanting some good clean/dirty fun?! I love to encapsulate and sensory deprive my human rubber toys and sometimes inflate them just for extra fun. Its great to play and Ill test your limits but always keep it fun. Not too much edgeplay here other than some light breath control via a gasmask.

I then enjoy restraining my toys in inescapable bondage and teasing them to their limits.

I emphasize the idea of play. Lets be intense and feel and have fun and at the end look back an say WOW what a great weekend!

Ive got tons of gear sized for myself and smaller so if youre around five foot ten or less youre good to go with what i own.

I love to train those new to rubber and also learn from you more experienced types. If you've got a particular fantasy you want to act on, I enjoy making that come true. Ask me for anything and if I can, I will.

Ill switch but my preference is to wrap my subject up, take away their identity, make them and object, Dominate them and take them to another head space.

I've found rubberists to be the most kind and understanding fetishists out there and some of the most intelligent and fun to hang with people too so never underestimate yourself. Live your passion!

If youre interested just message me and we can chat.


Interested in:
Latex, Lycra/Spandex, PVC/Vinyl, Plastic, Neoprene, Hazmat, Wetsuit, Boots, Masks - Gas, Drysuit, Gloves, Masks, Breathing Apparatus, Breath Control, Kissing, Sex, Inflation, Spanking, Whipping, Bondage - Light, Bondage - Heavy, Gags, Mummification, Sensory Deprivation, Attend Munches, Can Host Others, Licking, High Heels, Balletboots, Corsets, Ponyplay, Dogplay, Suspension, Rubber Dolls, Fornophilia, FelinePlay, Zentai, Public Rubberism, Body bags, Electro stim, Straight Jackets, Inflatables, Fetish cross-dressing, Chastity, Hoods - Bondage, Hoods - Inflatable, Hoods - With gags, Leather, Strap-ons, Rubber Maids, Role Play, Catsuits
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