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United States
Gender: Male
Preference: Girls
Looking for: Partners (Play/Dressing Only)

About me!  

Male slave, 45 years old,very submissive, educated, sincere and with houseboy experience longs to find an understanding but strict dominant Lady who has use for a cleaning/domestic slave. I am very open minded, respectfull, tolerant and above all eager to please my future owner. I find happiness in serving and pampering my Mistress and making her live more pleasant. As a houseboy/cleaning-slave/male-maid I will perform domestic duties and tend to the needs of my Owner. I am a firm believer in femdom and domestic discipline and I am willing to totaly submit to my Mistress. So please, Mistress, if you are tired of domestic chores and you feel that washing dishes or cleaning the floors is beneath you contact me. I will be glad to put on my apron, work and suffer for you. Please Mistress I beg You,to use and abuse me.

My Ideal Person: My ideal Mistress would be above all tolerant and understanding. A Lady who accepts my submissive nature and feels comfortable using me as her house-slave. Her physical attributes are of minor importance, what really matters to me is her personality. Beeing dominant should be in her nature and she should enjoy humiliating and using me. Inteligence, good taste and a wicked fantasy are the other qualities that I would appreciate in my future Mistress.

What type of scene activities are you active in or would you be interested in exploring?:
Domestic service, Apron Fetish, Spanking, Whipping, Verbal humiliation, Physical humiliation, Body worship, strap-on play, boot worship, maid training, Hot wax, Enemas, Face Slapping, and so many other nice things....

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