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About me!  

Ermmm i dont do chat sex or whatever (my bulk of messages are for this), i have a fella ....i do like chatting though not about your penis size or if it's pink green or blue thanks....

The latex designer Little Rubber Cherry.......on facebook.
I'm not just someone that designs latex, i have a full blown latex fixation starting from an early age.....

All the pics are me my modelling haha, my nickname is Peachy Rubber Dolly due to my little peachy looking face and love of rubber ^__^

Hey i've created a facebook profile for Little Rubber Cherry which will have new and old designs on it, please add me and take a nosy!

I'm a designer a lot of what i design tends to be thought of whilst asleep i dream designs and then i have to wake up and then wake my fella up to tell him to remember them as well, which normally results in him grunting, telling me the time and then tutting to result in some loud snoring. I'm into heavy latex so i am moving into more clothing for gentleman some heavy severe latex also :o)

I'm probably what you'd class as very right brained, I see the world in a unique way, i love music as i am a singer also (well not much at the moment to busy), play a bit of guitar, i love drawing and sketching. I tend to think in pictures ( a bit like a 5 year old).

I never can quite work out if i'm dom or sub, some days i awake feeling like i could go wild like a wilderbeast, some days i awake feeling sweet and gentle (Lol cough cough).

In real life i'm quite firey, gobby, daft as a brush and mental, I'm always smiling people tend to want to talk to me in the street and on buses ( i must have one of them faces). I constantly laugh and sound like mutley, i don't take no nonsense.

I also love leather as well as latex, and tend to wear it as much as poss, i had to sell a lot of leather on ebay due to it taking over the house. I've been out shopping etc in both material, sometimes i find it amusing to watch other peoples faces gawping in amazement. I'm fairly open, friends family etc know about my fetish and what I do.

I love to cover myself in rubber, i love the feeling and the closeness and the tightness and the smell and the senses and,and, and, I must admit it has to be the whole coverage for me, i do wear dresses etc as i make my own stuff, but i like to feel my latex everywhere.
My favourite colours in latex due to some designs i've done have been the bright orange (and you'll see why when i get modelling pics up, and the jade greens and pinks, very cute lol.
I even wear latex to work but don't tell anybody haha.
I've actually become really into mask due to my fella telling me he likes them as he didnt want to say incase i thought he was a bit wierd!!!! Im the raving loon with the constant longing to wrap myself in rubber! So now i keep making wierd and wonderful mask for myself and to sell as well lol

I'm educated and have many a hobby, my friends would class me as a closet geek. I have a strange sense of humour and can be sarcastic without coming across as arrogant, i love Alan Partridge and Mr Bean lol, anyone a bit strange and not from this planet.

Was born a rubberist so i can't express what got me into latex, anything shiny and rubbery would make me want to take it, i was a magpie in past life.
I would love to live in latex 24/7 in it, even made a loose fitting sleep suit for myself, it's a thin latex and so soft that it make sleeping wonderful and very nice in other ways also lol, i will be making some of these and selling. I love the full enclosure look more than anything, and theres something wonderful and erotic about transparent latex (not the lemon coloured one, the flesh coloured one lol)
I also love heavy rubber and rubber layers, the more rubber the merrier i become haha.

Interested in:
Latex, Rubber - Natural, Tape, PVC/Vinyl, Rubber - Industrial, Masks - Gas, Gloves, Masks, Uniforms, Breath Control, Kissing, Sex, Spanking, Whipping, Bondage - Light, Bondage - Heavy, Gags, Mummification, Sensory Deprivation, Am Spoken for, Licking, Watersports, High Heels, Balletboots, Corsets, Medical Play, Dogplay, Suspension, Rubber Dolls, FelinePlay, Public Rubberism, Straight Jackets, Inflatables, Chastity, Hoods - Bondage, Hoods - With gags, Leather, Mackintoshes, Rubber Nurse Uniforms, Rubber Rainwear, Smoking, Rubber Maids, Role Play, Catsuits
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