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Location: Weymouth, Dorset
United Kingdom: England
Gender: Male
Preference: Girls
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About me!  

Belinda is:-
Slight of frame, thus about the size of Girl or Woman which is ideal because I am passionate about being dressed as a Woman in Rubber Clothes and behaving as a total Rubber Doll. I just adore Rubber Lined Womans Mackintosh Raincoats and sieze every opportunity to dress in one of the many from my wardrobe and you may feel from my pictures that I fit the part hopefully.
I always wear Rubber Latex underclothes to enhance the Rubberised figure to include Rubber Corset with inflatable Breasts, Frilled Rubber Knickers with Rubber Stockings held on Suspenders, covered with Rubber Petticoat and a Rubber Dress followed by my glorious Rubber Lined Mackitosh coupled with a matching Souwester. Of course the outfit is not complete without the Female Rubber Mask covered with a beautiful Wig. I feel absolutely wonderful and feminine as I wriggle and Writhe before my mirrors listening to the swishing music of my Mackintosh, its heavenly-truly.
Another side to my glorious passion for Rubber is the desire to be Dressed as a total Rubber Baby by a suitable Rubber Loving Transvestite fully dressed suitably in full Rubber with a desire to humiliate me in my Rubber Baby clothes, including Rubber Bondage, the application of a huge Rubber Baby Dummy whilst Nestled in my Rubber Baby Cot under her total control and force fed and manipulated as she desires. Yummy!!
I would love to exchange experiences and desires with any member who may have similar Rubber Fetish desires to those I have described it could be very instructive to both so do please make contact

Since joining and writing the above a fellow member has suggested that as a total submissive what I really need to seek is a totally rubber clad and rubber minded stern Mistress to control and own me , ideally with a large Rubber Dildo welded to her Rubber Suit.
I just love the idea of a partner fitted with a large Rubber Dildo, what a wonderful plaything that could prove to be in addition to the real life counterpart.


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