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About me!  

[UPDATE: 20-10-2014]

Mistress Atrum Dea's weekend of Kinky fun for Her sub rubber gimp kinkyg

Mistress had cleared the bedroom closet and turned it into a gimp closet for the night, of which she secured Her rubber gimp kinkyg inside in his white latex straight jacket also encased head to toe in latex and gagged!

kinkyg-in-the-closet-latex (5)

Mistress ensures that kinkyg is tortured and tormented to the extreme with electrics !!

kinkyg-in-the-closet-latex (11)

Setting the electrics to full throttle, Mistress enjoys every moment :)

kinkyg-electrics-play-latex (9)

Now that Mistress has had Her fun with gimp, she proceeds to turn off the lights and close the closet - leaving gimp in there for the night.

kinkyg-in-the-closet-latex (2)

Lights out gimp!

kinkyg-in-the-closet-latex (1)

Thank you Mistress :)

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Mistress Atrum Dea and Her sub rubber gimp kinkyg encased in his new latex straight jacket, stockings and hood with attached dildo - underneath is his new Libidex Neo catsuit.

Latex Straight Jacket

Latex straight jacket, stockings, catsuit and hood with attached dildo

Latex Straight Jacket

Chilling out in latex

Latex Straight Jacket

... ... ... ... ... ...

So my new Libidex Latex arrived the other day in the form of a Latex Short Sleeved Shirt and Latex Jeans both with White Stripes :)

kinkyg-libidex-latex-shirt-and-jeans-shoot (48)

They are really comfortable to wear and the quality is excellent and I bought them in the Libidex flash sale :)

kinkyg-libidex-latex-shirt-and-jeans-shoot (43)

My Mistress took some photos and I also added my Honour Black Latex Mask with white eye trims to compliment the look :)

kinkyg-libidex-latex-shirt-and-jeans-shoot (37)

I'll hopefully be wearing this to the next Gate Club date in June :)

kinkyg-libidex-latex-shirt-and-jeans-shoot (27)

Thank you

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

So then, Mistress decided to place me in the gimp closet again, only this time with my new olive green catsuit and zipper hood - all fastened with my head secured/suspended with rope and going nowhere!

kinkyg-olive-green-catsuit-gimp-closet (7)

I was left like this for a while whilst Mistress went on the PC and did some eBay shopping.

kinkyg-olive-green-catsuit-gimp-closet (4)

I was making to much noise apparently, so Mistress decided to place a plastic bag over my head and secure it airtight then proceed to close the doors until I would either run out of air or panic!

This was very exciting for me not knowing if Mistress had left the room or not?

kinkyg-olive-green-catsuit-gimp-closet (1)

Mistress returned off course and let me have some air after bringing me to an explosive orgasm :)

Thank you Mistress

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Lucky! rubber gimp kinkyg has a.n.other catsuit - this time a transparent black catsuit :)

On his knees for his Mistress

tn_kinkyg-transparent-black-catsuit (22)

Just how I like him :)

tn_kinkyg-transparent-black-catsuit (19)

That's my gimp!

tn_kinkyg-transparent-black-catsuit (9)

gimp wears it well, and those rubber Dr. Martin boots :)

tn_kinkyg-transparent-black-catsuit (6)

Oh! go on then, one more ...

tn_kinkyg-transparent-black-catsuit (4)

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

KinkyG's new Westward Bound Olive Green catsuit arrived today :) so I insisted he try it on for good measure and have a few photo's done :)


KinkyG putting on his new Dr. Martins Rubber Boots


KinkyG getting down with it lol


Just how Mistress likes Her sub rubber gimp kinkyg


... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Well, we finally invested in a vac bed - which we had imported from Hong Kong.
Upon arrival we set-up the vac bed and found that the poles were very hard and brittle and as a consequence of no flex one of the poles snapped under vacuum pressure :(

Not to worry gimp! to the rescue - off he went to B&Q DIY store and purchased some new black flexi-pipe and connectors and within 20 minutes a hole new vac bed frame was built :)

tn_vac-bed-deflated-empty (4)

I was instructed to get inside the vac bed now, then Mistress proceeded to suck the air out !! Encapsulating me inside, unable to move and relying on a breath tube for my air.


Mistress proceeded to have Her wicked way with me ...


Toward the end Mistress got out the vibrating wand and started to rub-me-down, also cutting off my air supply as I exploded within my latex dungeon [vac bed].


Leaving me for a while to stew and regain my thoughts ...


Thank you Mistress :)

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Mistress Atrum Dea decided it was high time to stick Her rubber gimp KinkyG into a very restrictive mummification ... Inspired by one of Her favourite films 'Kill Bill'.

kinkyg-kill-bill-wrap-16-12-2013 (25)

Mistress decided to wrap Her sub in very tight shrink wrap followed on top by yellow and black electrical Insulation tape - then added a breath play hood with collar and strapped to the bondage bench ...

kinkyg-kill-bill-wrap-16-12-2013 (48)

Once secured Mistress had Her wicked way with some mild pain followed by the Insertion of Her medical 'Sounds' and stimulation by means of Her 'Eroscillator' and breath control before allowing gimp to have an orgasm to finish ... Being left in silence alone for hours ...

kinkyg-kill-bill-wrap-16-12-2013 (13)

... ... ... ... ... ... ...

Some recent Kinky! play in the dungeon with Mistress Atrum Dea and Her sub rubber gimp kinkyg :)

All secured in the Demonics Dungeon
Kinky Dungeon Play with Mistress Atrum Dea

All secured and ready for Mistress
Kinky Dungeon Play with Mistress Atrum Dea

All secured and ready for Mistress Atrum Dea's breath play session
Kinky Dungeon Play with Mistress Atrum Dea

Fully encased in rubber and strapped to the bondage bench
Kinky Dungeon Play with Mistress Atrum Dea

rubber gimp inside the closet
Kinky Dungeon Play with Mistress Atrum Dea

... ... ... ... ... ... ... ...

A friend of Mistress Atrum Dea popped around today to take some new photos for O/our profiles :)

Mistress Atrum Dea & KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

Mistress Atrum Dea and KinkyG

... ... ... ... ... ...

Well my rubber gimp decided to treat me to the Westward Bound Halloween Latex Ball in Plymouth :) .... W/we had such a great time at the party and then lot's of slippery rubbery fun afterwards back at the hotel ;)

Mistress Atrum Dea getting ready for the party

tn_mistress-atrum-dea-halloween-2012-westward-bound (2)

Mistress Atrum Dea in Her full latex halloween outfit

tn_mistress-atrum-dea-halloween-2012-westward-bound (7)

Mistress Atrum Dea all ready and set for Halloween

tn_mistress-atrum-dea-halloween-2012-westward-bound (5)

rubber gimp kinkyg halloween

tn_kinkyg-halloween-2012-westward-bound (4)

Thumbs up for rubber gimp kinkyg 'halloween 2012'

tn_kinkyg-halloween-2012-westward-bound (3)

Mistress Atrum Dea and Her sub rubber gimp kinkyg 'halloween 2012'

tn_mistress-atrum-dea-and-kinkyg-halloween-2012-westward-bound (2)

... ... ... ... ... ...

Mistress Atrum Dea hard at work in Her office, all dressed in Her lovely Latex :)

Mistress Atrum Dea in Latex

Mistress Atrum Dea in Latextn_mistress-atrum-dea-in-latex-30-07-2012 (2)

... ... ... ... ... ...

NEW! Red Latex Catsuit arrived today [Male XL of the peg] will be getting it chlorinated, so not shined in the photos below.

KinkyG New! Red Latex Catsuit [Unshined, ready for chlorination]

Full shot

KinkyG New! Red Latex Catsuit [Unshined, ready for chlorination]

Thank you

... ... ... ... ... ...

I am a BBW Dominant Sadistic Mistress with a caring attitude.
Confused by that? GOOD! Feel free to chat to Me for an explaination as to why I think being a Dominatrix is a role that should be both caring and cruel ;)

mistress wine 4

I grew-up and only-child in a small village and could not wait to escape and 'rebel'. I have been a part of the 'rave generation' when I was young and have seen and done many things fuelled by My attitude to life - 'Don't knock it till you've tried it'. I am non-religious but am interested in different religions and group mentality, philosophy (modern) and can be rather anti-capitalist ;) My favourite comedians (Bill Hicks and George Carlin) are both dead (RIP) and I think it is a crying shame!

mistress cuffs 2

I have been Kinky in one way or another for as long as I can remember. I was a fan of tying-up and films/cartoons that depicted that since I was a child. As I grew older and sexuality came into play these interests grew and became as much a part of My sexual life as it did My every day life.

I have been active on the BDSM scene in some way - either privately or publically, since about 1994. I have been a Dominatrix and holdng session since 2004 and went 'Pro' about a year ago.


I do not discriminate, I like all colours and creeds, ages and sizes, male and Female, Dom/Domme and sub, Top and bottom. All I ask is for respectful politeness (goes a long way). I do not have sex or perform personal sexual acts with anybody but my 24/7 slave and partner in life KinkyG - so don't ask.


**I am interested in a wide variety of fetishes so feel free to discuss any of these with me. I am not offended by any of the 'taboo' subjects but I will not discuss or partake in anything related to Minors, children or bestiality. Play MUST be consensual and these groups cannot make the correct informed decisions - life experience gained as an adult helps but is not guaranteed wisdom! Besides, I love kids and animals too much to harm them. YOU however could be a very different matter!**

*I AM offended by rudeness, one-liner messages (to contact me with) and ignorance of My tastes and rules. I did not sit here giving this precious time of mine to write an informative profile for you to ignore it and talk shite to Me!*

Places that may be of interest to you:

You do not need My permission - just go right ahead. If you bore Me or annoy Me I will simply delete and block you so think carefully about your approach. If you are a genuine Kinkster wanting to chat or enquire about Me, My lifestyle/service then I am happy to join in.

*Make friends
*Learn more
*Share my knowledge and experience
*Gain more business (A girl's gotta make a living)

I have listed My fetish interests below My favourites include but are not limited to:
*Breath Play/Asphixiation
*Needles and Cutting
*Fucking Males up the ass!
*Outdoor Play

I am available to read about, converse with, call etc on many different site including

I have a bubbly personality, I am witty and inteligent and often play 'devils advocate' on many topics. I am unafraid to discuss anything and am very open-minded.

When in the mood I can be terribly wicked and evil but this will not be how I am in My first correspondance.


I am a 'Proffessional' and behave as such. I run a business and expect you to treat Me, My slaves and My Job with the respect it deserves. I work hard to earn that respect. If YOU think it is underserved I would very much like to hear from you. I can take constructive critisism well and would respect you for it.

I have a 24/7 live-at-home slave/latex gimp KinkyG. he is all I need and YOU are not invited or required 24/7. However I do consider part-time house slaves if I have sessioned with them in the past and can trust them into My home.


If you want to learn more about My private slaves visit their profiles or contact them. I am not interested in discussing their private details with strangers.
They are listed above.

If there is anything else you would like to know or you have any suggestions about what you would like to see in my Films or blogs then feel free to drop me a line!


Now about the gimp:

I am sub rubber gimp KinkyG (slave) to Mistress Atrum Dea and my slave No# is 493-645-396 as registered on the slave register:


My details :-

Age: 35
Hair colour: Brown
Eye colour: Hazel
Height: 6ft 1in
Weight: 14st 2lb
BMI: 25.9;
Collar size: 17½ in
Shoe size: UK(m) 11

The Slave Register certificate for 493-645-396 records that the registrant is an owned slave; and that the registrant has been owned since 25th Nov 2007; and that the registrant's owner is declared to be Mistress Atrum Dea.

Certificate: - Please click here to view

About me :-

I am a submissive by nature, kinky rubberist who enjoys total enclosure in rubber/latex (rubber gimp). I like to be dominated by my Mistress through various methods and techniques :)


I met my Mistress through the adult website 'ALT' when W/we finally met up and started a D/s relationship as well as a personal vanilla relationship to :) and more than four years later W/we have a lovely 3 year old son together :)

I have been kinky for as long as i can remember and had many kinky experiences over the years with rubber/latex, PVC and plastic (bags)... along with many fantasies (like W/we all do) and the thought of meeting someone special to share them with - which is now very much a reality to me :)


I enjoy all forms of entertainment and music as well as computers and the Internet (website construction, hosting etc)... and spend many hours online, both for pleasure, fun and of course work (maintaining my Mistress's websites and profiles).

Rubber Nun kinkyg

My fetishes :-

I am a huge fan of rubber/latex, PVC and plastic... especially bags :) as i really enjoy many forms of breath play suffocation - bagging, re-breather hoods, gas masks, cling film mummification etc. along with BDSM, bondage and discipline, role play and servitude, to name but a few (please see my check list below for more details).

Why am i here ?

Well, firstly of course to serve my Mistress in any way She sees fit :) and secondly to network and make new friends, be they Dom/mes or subs :)

You may find me posting in the forums or indeed in the live chat rooms sometimes, but i'm mostly on the 'ALT' network and chat rooms, as i much prefer their system and setup including live webcam chat (something i feel rubber pal lacks :( )

I am also able to offer Kink! friendly PC and Laptop repairs, data recovery and much more through my PC and Laptop repair business - feel free to look up where you will find the contact info.


What am i looking for :-

Well actually, my Mistress is currently seeking another Female Domme to join/help Her Dominate me, Her rubber gimp (a double Domme scenario) so if there are any willing Female Dommes out there that are interested, please do get in touch with either myself here, or through my Mistress's profile >> Here

Requested photos :-

Below are some requested photos from O/our online Flickr galleries, these will of course be updated on a regular basis, also by request (if you would like to see a photo added here from O/our Flickr galleries, please contact U/us).

Mistress Atrum Dea's Flickr Gallery link >> 'Click Here

sub rubber gimp kinkyg's Flickr gallery link >> 'Click Here

... ... ... ... ... ...

Mistress Atrum Dea suffocating Her gimp

Mistress Atrum Dea toying with Her gimp

To pin wheel or not to pin wheel lol

Hand over mouth breath play

Mistress Atrum Dea and Her Rubber Maid kinkyg

Forced to clean the toilet

sub rubber gimp serving his Mistress

rubber gimp kinkyg
rubber gimp waiting for his Mistress

rubber gimp kinkyg at DV8 Dungeon/grounds in Kent
rubber gimp kinkyg at DV8 Dungeon in Kent

rubber gimp kinkyg hiding from his Mistress
rubber gimp kinkyg at DV8 Dungeon in Kent

rubber gimp kinkyg suffocating for Mistress at DV8 Dungeon
rubber gimp kinkyg at DV8 Dungeon in Kent

rubber gimp kinky made over as a rubber nun for Mistress
Rubber Nun kinkyg

rubber gimp kinkyg suffocating for Mistress on the fetters wheel
KinkyG rubber gimp bagged/suffocation on fetters wheel

... ... ... ... ... ...

Thank you for viewing

Mistress Atrum Dea and Her sub rubber gimp kinkyg

Interested in:
Latex, Tape, PVC/Vinyl, Plastic, Latex - Liquid, Boots, Masks - Gas, Gloves, Masks, Breathing Apparatus, Uniforms, Breath Control, Shaving, Kissing, Sex, Spanking, Whipping, Bondage - Light, Bondage - Heavy, Gags, Mummification, Sensory Deprivation, Attend Munches, Am Spoken for, Licking, High Heels, Corsets, Medical Play, Rubber Dolls, Vacbeds, Public Rubberism, Body bags, Straight Jackets, Fetish cross-dressing, Hoods - Bondage, Hoods - With gags, Strap-ons, Webcam Fun!, Rubber Nurse Uniforms, Lots of make-up!, Rubber Maids, Role Play, Catsuits
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KinkyG 'Kill Bill' Wrap [Mummified]
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Mistress Atrum Dea
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Mistress Atrum Dea & KinkyG 'Westward Bound
Halloween 2012'
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Mistress Atrum Dea
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Mistress Atrum Dea and Her rubber maid kinkyg
Mistress Atrum Dea and Her rubber maid kinkyg
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Mistress Atrum Dea, sub red riding hood and rubber gimp
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