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Location: Gillingham, Kent
United Kingdom: England
Gender: Male
Preference: Girls
Looking for: Anyone
Age: 43

About me!  

Greetings fellow kinkster's alike...

I am sub rubber gimp kinkyg

"Kinky! by name, Kinky! by nature"

About me :-

I am a submissive by nature, kinky rubberist who enjoys total enclosure in rubber/latex (rubber gimp)

I have been kinky for as long as I can remember and had many kinky experiences over the years with rubber/latex, PVC and plastic (bags)... along with many fantasies.

I am currently single and having fun, I am looking for a long or short term relationship, preferably a kinky one with vanilla aspects away from the ALT lifestyle with a female of the species :) ...

My fetishes :-

I am a huge fan of rubber/latex, PVC and plastic... especially bags as I really enjoy many forms of breath play suffocation - bagging, re-breather hoods, gas masks, cling film mummification etc. along with BDSM, bondage and discipline, role play and servitude, to name but a few.

Why am I here ?

I love to attend fetish parties and events and I'm looking to attend many more this year, time permitting, so if anyone would like to meet up at such parties or can recommend any good fetish parties tailored to a rubberist - please do get in touch.

Events I have been to:

Club XS [Kent]
Westward Bound Latex Ball [Plymouth]
Westward Bound Summer Latex Ball [Plymouth]
Club Rub [London]
Club Subversion [London]
Torture Garden [London]
The Gate [Kent]
Eureka [Kent]
Club O&I
Club Pedestal
Club Decadence
The Psycho Ward
Rubber Cult

Events I intend to visit:

Club Antichrist
Kinky Winter Party
Female Supremacy

I have many friends in the kinky world and look to make many more ...

If you would like to know more about me, then please do get in touch and don't be offended if I do not reply straight away or not accept any friend requests straight away...

"There are far to many 'fakers' out there and I like to do my research first!

Stay Kinky!

kinkyg-black-latex-rubber-gimp-knee-high-boots (2)kinkyg-black-latex-rubber-gimp-knee-high-boots (4)sub-rubber-gimp-kinkyg-yellow-libidex-catsuit (5)sub-rubber-gimp-kinkyg-yellow-libidex-catsuit (1)kinkyg-olive-green-catsuit (10)kinkyg-olive-green-catsuit (8)kinkyg-libidex-suit-club-rub-april-2015 (16)Latex Straight Jacketkinkyg-libidex-latex-shirt-and-jeans-shoot (43)tn_kinkyg-transparent-black-catsuit (4)tn_kinkyg-vac-bed-fun-tm-05kinkyg-kill-bill-wrap-16-12-2013 (3)Kinky Dungeon Play with Mistress Atrum Dearubber-maid-kinkyg-tm-01sub-rubber-gimp-kinkyg-red-wine-time-machine-01

Interested in:
Latex, Rubber - Natural, Lycra/Spandex, Tape, PVC/Vinyl, Rubber - Synthetic, Rubber - Industrial, Plastic, Neoprene, Latex - Liquid, Boots, Masks - Gas, Drysuit, Gloves, Masks, Breathing Apparatus, Uniforms, Breath Control, Shaving, Kissing, Sex, Inflation, Spanking, Whipping, Bondage - Light, Bondage - Heavy, Gags, Mummification, Sensory Deprivation, Attend Munches, Can Host Others, Licking, High Heels, Balletboots, Corsets, Medical Play, Suspension, Rubber Dolls, Zentai, Vacbeds, Public Rubberism, Body bags, Electro stim, Inflatables, Fetish cross-dressing, Hoods - Bondage, Hoods - Inflatable, Hoods - With gags, Leather, Strap-ons, Webcam Fun!, Rubber Rainwear, Foot Fetish
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Yellow Libidex Catsuit with matching contrast hood
Yellow Libidex Catsuit with matching contrast hood
sub rubber gimp kinkyg at Psycho Ward London
rubber maid kinkyg
Full rubber with S10 gas mask plus rebreather
rubber maid kinkyg
rubber gimp kinkyg
KinkyG Thigh High Boots (Rear Shot)